Anonymous, 2001 Raise awareness of the true nature of WWASP Programs, to advocate for those still being held in Troubled Teen programs, and to provide validation and support to survivors of WWASP programs. To this day, Im yet to tell my mother,who sent me there because I was not dealing with my dads suicide the way she needed me to (I guess), what that place did to me. I spent almost that entire year in worksheets or intervention. Would she be pushed and prodded to say what they want. Im just glad I saw through the BS. Trust Live Water Properties to list ranches for sale in Montana that suit every sporting passion. I remember worksheets. This is the kind of shit people dont make up. I remember you and can remember your love of old classic muscle cars. I was in spring creek in 2006, unity group I got kicked out for being disobedient and fighting they sent me to tranquillity bay for 9 months. I was there September 06 to summe of 07 and was pulled. And to everyone thats been through that crazy ass place we are all one big disfuntional family for it. I couldnt see through the mirror tint on the front door so went in. 510-666-5591. I had good morals. I remember a lot of stuff remember Tyler parish. 3,190 +/- Deeded Acres. Im looking to buy up some land in MT, something with river access. Try to put me in the hobbit now. It was an action born of us sitting up at night talking when we were family leaders trying to make sure we didnt get programmed. I was 14. Ive blocked so much out, I may be wrong on the names. Nestled around the 330-acre Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in the area's best rural reserve area. Ranches and farms are some of the most worthwhile and secure investments you can make. Thanks. Lot 1 $11,500 to LBS Angus, Fortuna, ND; SD Ashland 2047; 1/16/22; GAR Ashland x SD Final Answer 5081 Lot 3 $10,000 to Nelson Spring Creek Ranch, Livingston, MT; I came to know Steve as a sick man himself. Of course you cant find golf balls in the woods! Didnt they make David roll around in the mud to get dirty since he liked to be sharp dressed normally? Internet Karen types. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and never saw a train in an unpopulated area. The C Lazy G Ranch, also known in the sporting world as the McCoy Spring Creek Ranch, is located near Dillon in Montanas fabled Beaverhead Valley. I had questions: non of them got answered. Everything else was sort of just a juvie type of atmosphere, kids being shifty and staff attempting to catch them. I think Sky View Christian Academy was open for maybe 5 years?.. And my heart goes out to anyone who didnt. They finally brought us to a camp in a valley near the school where we were to meet our parents for more therapy. I was there from 04 to the end of 05 had to join the army at 17 to get out of that place . It didnt take long until it started to sink in. I cant believe after all we have been through we now have to deal with this I enjoyed reading through all of these comments because it has been a long time since I have connected with the memories of this place. For every story that made it out of thereevery injustice exposed that the children experienced, there are a hundred more that were never told. I can remember countless times when they would needlessly call for support staff and watch as 6 male staff pinned me to the ground. They gave the kid a pack and told them to go!!!!! email Judy O'Hair [email protected]. At that point i stop caring cause i was about to go home anyway. We were totally at his mercy , so what were we to do. The next time the Flue rag bitches tried to creep on us, they got completely smashed on. To this day Im shocked I wasnt tackled after shouting that! Let me start by saying I would NEVER send my child(ren) away. I didnt talk to my father for 20 years after that day. This process is automatic. Curious that he wrote a book and actually admits to being a wwasp employee. Id like to hear from you sometime. Matt Rumple is actually the guy who asked me if I cook well under pressure and that was the birth of my email addy to this day PressureCooker . Im sure a couple men still think of me with enmity as I do for those who were above me. WINTER FUCKING IN MONTANA! Family father of excel. There was no way in hell I was going to become another statistic. We were in the same family. I knew I was fucked. McCoy Spring Creek Ranch is an amazing opportunity to own a true sporting ranch in the world-famous Beaverhead Valley. These folks eventually kicked me out, wanna know where they sent me? Itll always be behind you sir, leave it back there for the occasional kicking when it dares to interrupt your sleep. I thought about jumping in and swimming but it was moving fast so that idea was scratched. Let us answer all of your questions and help you choose exceptional lodges in Chile, Argentina, Alaska and the Bahamas. Find out when to come, what equipment to bring, browse blog articles, and more. I am not even quite sure where to begin when it comes to Spring Creek. So good to finally find some people who can relate to my experience. Honestly I didnt know what to do with my child. One of the people was a USA Skinhead who was having and identity crisis. I was in spring creek lodge academy for feb 2005 till August 17 2007 lower levels i was in charity upper levels i was in hope family. Ill never be the same because my parents were too weak or lazy to raise me themselves. My god its insane to see the talk to this day continue. and helped me put my pack together. After running all night in the freezing cold(my sweat was frozen to my beanie),I was caught the next morning around 10am. In all honestly I cant believe I found this website! I was there from 1998 to 2000. I lived life through my headphones and skateboard. $140,000. This is akin to the argument that it is okay to hit (or rape) a woman if she is asking for it. Dont remember fight with dignity. There was Jay Ruff (dish bowl chest) haha..and James Jones who left when he turned 18. Feel free to reach out! I have so many stories from what went on there but not enough time or space here lol. He says in his book that he worked there for 10 years. Howd youre junky wife doing who left you cuz she was hooked on speed???? Hey its lori sherman!! And thats what they would do. which is why nobody talks about it. No I was in Serenity.99-2000. I was like most taken in the middle of the night from my bed in western washington over to Montana. You should head over to the kiss wwasps ass forums. I am the only one to ever escape Thats fucked up. I do remember a lot of negative things about that place, starting with abuse at Brightway in Utah. Black cloud for 2 weeks before PC3 for that little stunt. I was brought to Spring Creek Lodge sometime in late 2007 in a van full of other kids. I am looking for anyone who was at SCL in 2005. I was one of the guys that learned real quick what a joke this place was,you had kids in the program trying to be super cops for whatever reason. Dont get me started with special needs. I pulled in wanting to talk to Brandy and they were very rude not friendly at all. What!!! She was apparently walking the tracks and we had trains running at high speed through there. Kootenai Springs Ranch is a genuine masterpiece enjoying almost every amenity imaginable man-made and those of higher origin. I was in Spring Creek from 2001-2004 was the only person I am aware of to be kicked out of PC3, as a level 6- for being honest about my home contract. I was in montana with josh. I was there at spring creek community before most of you here. There is no experience more thrilling than catching big, wild fish in a solitary setting. It was insane, and when I left as a confused very immature 16 year old boy, I felt guilty for not figuring out a way to rescue my brothers whos parents had not been quick in catching up to the scam. He was only about 15 minute drive from his house also when his dumb ass told his parents where we were so I just said please tell them I dropped u off here and I jumped back in truck and went to a pay phone by air port. But yeah I only passed the one seminar, played along, realized at the end of it that it was just straight up emotional manipulation and brainwashing. Got bored and checked out SCL on GoogleEarth. I wonder what qualifies you to say a place to bodyslammed or fucked with children wasnt abusive? I was in excell family. Do you remember me? I was thinking in my dumb little head that Id be somewhere like Zoey101 and my mom was giving me this great opportunity to go away for school. Currently several spin off group homes still exist in Thompson Falls run by former employees of Spring Creek, including what was originally opened asStar Peak Crossing, by two former Spring Creek Lodge staffMike Chism and Mickey Manning. I remember when I finally made it to jr.staff and I somehow managed to get into the HR building and do paperwork for a couple weeks. John was my best friend there and he was a cool guy from N.Carolina. All these rivers are the perfect alternative to the private spring creek fishing on the McCoy Spring Creek Ranch. This is enough for me for now. I hate to say I inflicted violence on other kids to remain in good standing with family fathers etc. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. But after they saw that he and I wwerent causing iasues, they let us interact and hang out at free time which is when most jumpings occured. for me personally feeling loved and safe is more important then finding out all the bits and pieces of the past. Hey buddy, long long time huh? On my survival our only girl Amanda wrecked her knee, like day 1 in Flagstaff so they shipped her out and apparently she stayed at he upper/main/school campus The counselor I was manated to see one time because I was new at the time told me about crazy mushroom picking he did with his girlfriend and started touching my legs and shit. but if hes anything like me. I was there in 2003. Johnny Boy, I love you buddy. Anyone know a James Lothian or a Ryan Brown. I stumbled upon this page while looking for a way to get my transcripts I even found a post my mother Julie made in 2013. My email is [email protected] Id anyone wants to talk and share. I really had to work to stay myself and not be brainwashed. As long as I stayed a ghost, no one felt tempted to pick on me, and that was good for me. How many photos are available for this home? The land also includes superior water rights. Im from FL I was there between 03 and 04. And I will admit if anyone deserved to be at a place for troubled youth it was me. I still have moments where I age regress to the age I was in the program when I get really upset. I am wondering if anyone knew my brother, Kareem Rahman. Snow capped peaks, All the new animals that she might see out in Montana and the stories she could tell her friends back in California. I started out as night staff and then switched over to day staff. I however, did not feel good. Im personally glad that the school has been shut down, recently being changed to a place where students can take college courses. [email protected], 257 Main Boulder Road, Big Timber, MT 59011. This place was hell. The person I spoke with sold me the school. Did you know my son, Zach? Based on your results you have exactly what you intended.. Oh and Steve came out of the woods from a road behind the girls dorm. Thank god I was in wisdom but our cabin was the shittiest. I never saw the man so quiet and he just looked at me in horror and disbelief at the things I told him. I was in Quest family, Quest family veteran here. If I slammed my child onto the ground, chicken-winged them, locked them into a small room or made them lay on their face or assume so-called stress positions (which have been ruled torture and not allowable even for detainees being interrogated in Gitmo) for days on end, I would rightly be charged with child abuse. Con college 0.5. I had a perfect Program in the Honor cabin and beyond in the upper level from 04-06. We strive to provide the content you need in the format you require. This ranch is defined by its creeks and water features, boasting over 3 miles of improved, well-managed spring creeks with ponds and sloughs. I was being starved, robbed and abused at home from a mother suffering from narcissism and munchausers syndrome. We never deserved that nor the awful mental and emotional repercussions that still longer and influence us today. Sorry to hear that these places lasted so long. Book Now Fish the private waters of our spring creek, limited to 6 rods per day. and yes im aware they were shut down. thus the difficulty. Official Website for booking lodging at Spring Creek Ranch, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. He was one of my best friends! I was in springcreek from 1999 to 2000 I was in innocence until they ripped that family apart cuz of behaivior issues and then I went to serenity was anyone else there during those times? And just cause they flew the same colour rag, the crips n scraps clickes up. They tried to restrain me, prevent me from sleeping, and other methods of unpleasantness. I remember being IN LOVE with you (the Alaska comment reminded me!!) Did it do anything but give parents an excuse to dump their children on someone else? I stole a car twice, escaped, robbed a liquor with a stolen car and brought tobacco back to feed the masses. Any of yall can hit me up. I could not talk to boys. hate calling that camping ground with cabins a campus, I went to College Prep Schools in New England before SCC Referring to SCC as a school with a campus just perpetuates the lie Cawdrey fed our parents. Second comment, my last came up as a reply idk why not my intention. Their model was brainwashing. Some parents came during a tour and looked at us in special needs, it happened a couple times while I was in there. It wasnt right. That the worst time of my life. What people didnt see was my home life. He ended up being sent to Jamaica. If I were there some of the staff who is still alive (probably) would not be.. My mom suffers ptsd from this place too. I was transferred to Charity in 2005 from Innocence for a short time! Danny I believe you had a twin brother, I cant remember his name. I feel for anyone who had to experience that place. Ithink I remember you felecia. When enough boys had arrived, they split us into 3 groups and told us to come up with family names and we would get our own cabins. What pisses me off the most is for the money are families were forking out for this joke of a place is if They truly had people that came from troubled backgrounds and got through there battles in life that knew how to relate to us and actually would of put that money to good use by actually taking us to do productive activities that are designed to build confidence, self-esteem, coping skills,ect,ect by group hikes, snowboarding trips, base ball games,flag football games, mountain biking, relay races I could go on and on. That was probably the biggest struggle so far was making it up that 10ft wall because it was at a 90 degree angle but I got up it. Regardless, we were forced into disqusting hygiene for sure! CHILDREN NEVER, EVER ASK FOR OR DESERVE ABUSE. It was really something special to meet Zach many years later in my 20s and talk about that genesis family we were in. As the town of Lewistown grew, the creek, especially sections south of town began to degrade through water diversions for irrigation and power as well as some channelization to straighten sections to reclaim land and mitigate the effects of annual spring flooding. They look like the reason god gave us flame thrower s lol lets toss some salad. Early 2004. I only say that cause I think he was from LA like you said. I finally talked to him when I was old enough to understand that he would never and could never understand. I was in Spring Creek Community. Kay. Nelson's Spring Creek is a premier fly fishing destination in Montana and is located on our ranch 10 miles south of the town of Livingston, Montana in Paradise Valley, just 40 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. I would love to hear from you .a sort of closure or new beginning [email protected] take care! @sirroderickciff345 Blessings to you all. How weird I was.. just trying to never go back I did it all. In 1996, he moved to Montana to open Spring Creek Lodge along with his twin brother Chaffin Pullan and Robert Lichfields brother-in-law, Dan Peart. Bullrun Spring Creek Ranch in Belgrade, Montana Spring Creek. [email protected], Wow, pretty crazy to come across this site. Information related to travelling to Montana: which airports to fly into, major towns, etc. His mom is a wonderful lady, and shes done a lot of positive educational and volunteer work in Zachs memory. The only thing I would add is that they told me my son would die/commit suicide if I did not get him help from their program. I was fourteen. .. my heart breaks that she felt no way out but she didnt have a way out. Anyone who might remember me can email me I would love to hear from you all. He was from Ohio and was there about a year before going to Czech. I have bad memories and that place took a lot of my good qualities and I didnt leave with them. She got me some bright yellow jacket that wasnt all that warm.. Needless to say, he gave Steve hell! Anybody remember that kid Torrey? Lord they were pissed about that. So many names seem familiar now but long forgotten since 1997. Moron. What is their to do to be active in lawsuits? Contact support Overview 82 Photos Amenities 167 Reviews 41 Tips 1 Q&A 257 Main Boulder Road Big Timber, MT 59011 View Phone View Website $$ $$ Average Rate 80 Sites Hookups Seasonally Open: April 1st - October 15th 82+ 100 m 500 ft + - Hows life. This happens more often than you would believe and I have been out for over eight years. You truly were my only friend j could trust there. Brandy, from California. Life is good. I was in Charity. I agree I have no bad memories. It seemed like at one point our group was running through staff memebers weekly. If anyone can help guide me it would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. We went through another long blur of trekking through the mountains. It was winter time and the most snow Ive ever seen. Imagine floating into a deluxe camp on one of our private ranches or permitted islands where cold beverages and tasty appetizers await. HahaI forgot about that phrase attention suck thats right. Is your name Billy Roberts? Was there until 2001. Hello Fellow Survivors, The rules that we had to follow so as not to lose a point if a student broke one. I was dropped of at a homeless shelter on my 18th b-day. Choose from over 20 fabled blue ribbon rivers that we target. They apparently have taken very awkward steps to try and stay afloat which unfortunately means poorer quality services for the prisoners. Hell Yeah. I was there may 2001 to april 2002. She said that she has worked with many students and has a 95% success rate of getting us were we need to go. I hoped she did not get in a strange car. WOW. Mia was in Morava and I believe your son, Zach, is mentioned. If you remember a tall redhead who kept rebelling thats me! Hey all im jamie. One would think anyone would understand the backlash of that move, Mike was awesome, and from what I know he was not there at the end I believe he had moved onbut I graduated in 2001 and am nor fully sure. The variety of ranch properties for sale in Montana fulfill every outdoor-loving whim. Susan I was in springcreek from 1999to 2000. And they used to say I get you being in your image or something like that. I was just going through a phase in life at that period in time. I have since married and had three children, and can say I am pretty happy in my life. During this time we were kept so far from civilization that the only hope for survival was to stay with the group. Maybe the program was fine for you or maybe you were just brainwashed into thinking that the things they did were appropriate and all to just teach you to respect. buncha rednecks wed call family fathers. That saidI hope he doesnt come to my neighborhood. Hey, I remember Danny, Gabe, Eugene, and several othersI was part of the first group (the Genesis family) in January 1996. Cameron had a running tab at the local bars. That place fucked me up so much worse than I came in. Property information provided by MRMLS when last listed in 2021. WWASP Survivors is run by a dedicated group of concerned alumni of WWASP-affiliated programs. I was there winter session. I couldnt get my grandparents to believe any of this was happening but there is now proof. I did survival challenger in Montana. I was the one the whole molestation case was about. I learned a lot but I do not agree on how thing were runned there and i still wonder and hope they dont re open ! I think there should be better ways with dealing with teen behavior. Also Cody or something like that. I can garuntee you she didnt spend all of that money on it. No one gets what happened at SCL. Some folks can smile and make you laugh and make you forget youre in tremendous pain, that is a rare gift indeed and will be missed. I arrived so fucked up on flowers im the hopes I would die but instead I woke up in hell. Lol. When referring to the kids she never used we. I hope everyone whos had to go through staying here is okay. When I arrived i saw brainwashed kids everywhere I looked. And I dont get any closure at all. Rem me? talking to adolescent girl about this and in front of his wife no less !!!!! I make the call on the radio to let her cross and not approach her. The girls mother also sued them for wrongful death and neglect. Anon, Undated haha. Mike, Im pretty sure I was there with you. I saw her at the desk and heard the door auto lock behind me and two staff members grabbed me. This included the confiscation of my black and purple polka dot underwear. If you are a staff member you were party to the systematic mental and physical abuse of the program, designed to promote failure in all but those who actually needed real help. I cant believe I have to write on this blog to get help in locating my high school transcripts but here I am : ( Im a nurse now and back in college to advance my career. lately I have been finding a lot of these comments about the old wwasp programs and I find it great that we can all now come back in to touch with people from this time!!! I packed a few books for the road and got into a car with two ex-cops. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. Did you have braces? Justin Harris playing his guitar at night when they dimmed the lights definitely made you appreciate the little things. Great kid, with Crohns. i just wanted it to be private at the time. Another side note- my reason for being there was because I did not like my step dad and argued with my parents constantly. This, coupled with the long growing season, allow crops to be grown both to benefit and attract the area wildlife and to generate income. Went to Golden Coral, gun shop lol. Looking back we were just kids and the most important time of a young mans life his adolescence. Im on to you. Also Veronica from destiny if you find this please email me! I remember Joshua somewhat. I dont know I saw it as kids on a power trip but not really at fault of there own. I was there 2002-2003. I still listen to Tony Robbins and I know the answers on jeopardy when its related to old literature like the Canterbury Tales. Thank you. For those of you relatively fresh out, young and confused, dont try to rationalize what happened there because you never will. Cleveland National Forest encompasses 460,000 acres (720 sq mi (1,900 km 2)), mostly of chaparral, with a few riparian areas. That place haunts me to this day. I stayed for 1 year. I promised my daughter that I would bring her home as soon as she completed her schooling. there are no flowers Basho I hope its not who I think it is. I found out yesterday chaffin was arrested as a child molester for having sex with one of the girls in the program. I fought it at first because I saw how ridiculous it was. I remember some really young kid.. cant remember his name. We hung out when I was living up in Northern California for a while. I was one of the few who got away. Remember going in there the first time and going Where the fucks the worksheet at?!!! This property is not currently available for sale. (talking-on-silence) infraction. I always felt cheated out of that time of life I missed, that life they often preached was over because we had ruined it (self affirming prophecies and pseudo self help jargon) but I am blessed for the perspective it gives on how short life is. I will be glad to put you in contact with my son so you can discuss with him directly. He was indeed traumatized by wwasps. Lawsuits Mount Against Spring Creek Lodge,,,,, Youth Foundation Closes Amid Scandals, Lawsuits | WWASP Survivors. He was in a program in Idaho. No cooking inside. Other than the wolf dog and the couple of friends I made, that place was a nightmare. Most did in one way or another. The bullshit that came out of his mouth was alarming. Instead of standing in formation, Id sit down and start a conversation considering I stopped caring in the least about points. He seems have first gotten involved in WWASP in 1996, when he opened Spring Creek Lodge with the Pullan brothers, serving as Vice President. In addition, there are 4,000 elk, 800 antelope, and 1,500 mule deer on the property for rotational grazing. Kids got raped, beaten, thrown in the hobbit constantly with a large male staff always handy to kick their ass and ensure that they stayed on silence. In addition to the recreational opportunities found on the property, the ranch borders over 1,600 acres of public land, including a Federal waterfowl production area and Aunt Molly's wildlife management area. I went inside one of the bathrooms and locked the stall and stood on top of toilet seat top so u couldnt see my feet. Please email me at [email protected]. 2004 SCL was investigated concerning the death of a 17 year old girl byThe Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) resulting in a complaint filed for child abuse and neglect against the school and specifically its directors, Cameron and Chaffin Pullan.